AI-Based Fusion Video and Radar Sensor

NoTraffic has developed the first AI-powered traffic signal platform that connects road users to the city grid, solving today’s traffic challenges while unlocking smart mobility benefits for the cities, and creating an entirely new way of life.

At the heart of the NoTraffic system are Plug & Play AI IoT sensors providing a human-eye-level measurement of all approaching road users. Essential data of all road users is streamed to the cloud in real-time for additional processing. The platform then operates autonomously to reduce delay time by optimizing traffic signals at the city grid level.

Deploying NoTraffic, transforms any traffic signal into smart infrastructure capable of understanding the complete traffic picture and responding in real time to all road users creating a simple intersection monitoring and management solution.


Plug & Play IoT Sensor

Installed at each intersection approach to provide road-user detection and classification via a fusion of machine vision and radar. 

Users are classified at a human-eye level on the edge (bikes, pedestrians, trucks, cars, emergency vehicles, etc.) Anonymized processed data is streamed to the cloud for city-grid coordination. 

Connected vehicle capabilities (DSRC and C-V2X) are integrated directly into the sensor units.   

Control Unit

Installed in the traffic light cabinet, retrofitting all types of existing traffic controllers. 

The AI optimization engine aggregates sensor data from each approach, calculates optimization variables, and monitors safety.

The AI optimization engine also acts as a gateway to cloud-based data analytics software and the user portal.  

Proactive Support Center - 24/7/365

NoTraffic Operations Center - the NOC team - is a game changer for Traffic Engineering and Signal Management. Based out of Kansas City, the NOC team is fully US Based and has operators located throughout the US, representing all time zones, 24/7/365.

NOC operators are experienced traffic analysts who review and analyze alerts and events providing up to date information to agencies around the clock. Each NOC operator provides a human-level decision that will either confirm or deny events or anomalies, provide results to the end user, and feed into AI algorithms utilized by the NoTraffic system.

Detection Package

The NoTraffic Detection Package allows cities to digitize their urban intersections in 2 hours, through a plug & play IoT sensor offering superior detection. It also includes our signature AI and machine-learning algorithms for detection and classification.

Cloud Computing

The NoTraffic system leverages cloud computing, AI and computer vision to digitize urban intersections, connecting the infrastructure to the grid. 

Mobility OS-Marketplace

Mobility OS-Marketplace offers many software solutions for Signal and Traffic Engineers. Signal and Traffic Engineers can monitor Vulnerable Road Users (VRU’s), Near-Miss Insights, and Intersection Safety Insights.

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