ST-4825 Pro Arrowboard Trailer

Ver-Mac’s ST-4825 Pro Series is a trailer-mounted arrowboard with 25 LED lamps. It features an innovative Single-Mast Design, V-Switch controller, Stealth Technology and is wired to integrate the Smart Arrowboard option. The ST-4825 Arrowboard Trailer combines energy-efficient design and high-quality construction to provide the most reliable, cost-effective and safe to operate arrowboard on the market.


  • 25 LED Lamps with Optibright lens
  • 85 watt self-contained solar power
  • Advanced V-Switch Controller
  • Stealth Battery Technology
  • Improved single mast design


Exclusive Optibright Technology

Each 4825 Pro now comes with Ver-Mac's Optibright lens technology with and exclusive molded lens design that allows for more efficient energy consumption and autonomous no hassle performance. The advanced layered design makes lamp replacement easy and efficient.

Easy to Use V-Switch Controller

All Pro Series ST-4825 Arrowboard Trailers come with Ver-Mac's easy to use V-Switch Controller. The panel is located in a lockable control box on the rear of the main board. The easy to use rotary switch allows you to select your arrow pattern or mode instantly. Simple readouts give you real-time arrow, solar and battery status and a built-in photocell with automatic adjustment.

Improved Single Mast Design

The ST-4825 Pro establishes a new industry standard for quality by redesigning the traditional trailer-mounted arrowboards, making them even more sturdy and safe to use.

Each unit includes:

  • Sturdy diamond plate maintenance platform
  • Indexed rod brake to keep the board locked while traveling 
  • Safely set and turn the arrowboard to traffic
  • Secure support bar to hold the board while towing
  • Tongue wheel jack for ease of deployment

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