NC-350 Portable Traffic Analyzer

Replacing the NC-200 and NC-300 counters is the latest in portable in-roadway traffic analyzers, the NC-350. The NC-350 has been reengineered to include Bluetooth™ technology while still providing the same accurate count, speed and vehicle classification. Utilizing Vehicle Magnetic Imaging (VMI) technology, the new NC-350 traffic analyzer combines accuracy and portability, monitoring traffic flow conditions right where you need them.


  • Now Communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth!
  • NC-350 can be installed and removed in minutes
  • Inconspicuous design blends in with road surface
  • Individual vehicle recording allows infinite binning capabilities
  • Durable extruded aluminum housing
  • Long life, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery
  • Easy to use software for viewing data



The NC 350 Portable Traffic Analyzer is designed to survey traffic on roadways, bridges, parking garages, or construction areas. Because the analyzer can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth, traffic data can be retrieved & downloaded without removing the analyzer from the road. The NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer with Bluetooth™ Technology from MH Corbin provides the accurate measurements of vehicle count, speed, and vehicle length. The NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer sensor is placed directly in the traffic lane to measure data, and can be installed and removed quickly and easily without damage to the road surface.

Connect Via Bluetooth

Vehicle classification data and studies are now easily uploaded/download via Bluetooth™. Gone are the days of pulling the counter off the roadway in the middle of a study to see the data you have already collected. Easily upload new studies when moving your NC-350 to a different location. As Always data can be seen using the Highway Data Management (HDM) software for analysis.

HDM Software

MH Corbin’s Highway Data Management (HDM) software allows users to program, download, and query a variety of portable traffic classification units, including the NC90, NC97, NC100, NC200, and NC300 devices. Using HDM, traffic studies can be programmed, retrieved, combined, and re-binned per user preferences, and analyzed with a full range of supplied reports.

  • HDM has a simple and intuitive interface to allow users to quickly program and read portable traffic classification units. Settings are remembered so that multiple units can be programmed to the same study parameters.
  • Data can be collected in one or more catalog files, allowing users to easily archive and move data.
  • Studies can be trimmed, merged, or extracted into separate files or into existing studies.
  • Multiple reports and graphs are provided to show data in a variety of formats. Report data can be exported to a wide variety of formats include HTML, PDF and CSV files. Batch printing of reports is also supported.

The video below covers some of the most common questions related to the NC-350 HDM software.

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