School Zone Flashing Beacon

JSF School Zone Flashing Beacons are designed to reduce the speed of traffic in school zones and can be operational in almost any location. Each school has a cell-enabled or USB programmable primary beacon and any number of associated secondary beacons that receive command signals from the primary unit. Schedule are created on JSF’s secure website with the easy to use scheduling software. To see more about the JSF School Zone Flashing Light Scheduling, click here. Are you looking for a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) School Zone Systems? Click here to go to our RRFB School Zone Page.


  • Choose from 8" or 12" diameter beacons.
  • Programmed Primary beacon controls multiple Secondary beacons within 1/2 mile range.
  • Program yearly schedules online or with direct USB connection.
  • FHWA and MUTCD compliant.
  • Communicate with the primary beacon by text message.

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