The Softstop® is an all-steel tangent end terminal for use with 31" W-beam guardrail systems. Using a proprietary head design, the system flattens and extrudes the W-beam guardrail upon end-on impacts. The SoftStop® dissipates energy while guiding the flattened rail through the mouth at the bottom of the unit. SoftStop® is MASH Test Level 2 & 3 Compliant and is compatible with a variety of 31" guardrail systems. 


  • MASH Test Level 3 compliant as a redirective, gating end terminal.
  • 100% galvanized steel head and post design.
  • Splices at mid-span of the posts to allow for easy assembly.
  • Can be configured to use 12'6" or 25' panels with 8" or 12" offset blocks.

MASH Ready

The Softstop® system is a tangent, single-sided, energy absorbing, rediretive and gating end terminal. Softstop® is the first end termial to meet MASH standards and is also available in Test Level 1 and Test Level 2 configurations.

Narrow Head Design

The SoftStop's® unique narrow head design helps minimize nuisance impacts from vehicles and maintenance operations, such as mowing and snow removal.

Front Anchor Technology

The Front Anchor of the Softstop® is designed to allow the rail panes to remain anchored during end-on impacts within MASH criteria.

Energy Dissipation

During head-on impacts within MASH criteria, the Valtir Softstop® system dissipates energy by compressing the w-beam through the head channel and down the length of the anchors panels.


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