Vulcan® Gate

The Vulcan® Gate is designed to facilitate access through runs of permanent and temporary longitudinal barrier. Applications include creating openings in medians for cross-over emergency vehicles, work zone access openings in PCMB and even creating openings in long runs of Vulcan® Steel Barriers. This system consists of two transitions and at least one barrier equipped with wheels and jacks. The system is NCHRP TL-3 and TL-4 approved. The Vulcan® Gate gate is connected via a steel pin and can be moved completely by hand, no special equipment is needed.


  • NCHRP Reprt 350 Test Level 3 and Test Level 4 approved.
  • Creates an opening in any median or roadside longitudinal barrier.
  • No tools or special equipment required to operate the system.
  • Easily connected or disconnected via a single steel pin.
  • Equipped with wheels and jacks for easy transport.

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