MASH Four-Cable System

The Valtir, formerly known as Trinity Highway Products CASS S3 M10 is our MASH approved cable system that assists in redirecting errant vehicles that would otherwise traverse the median of a roadway. Each CASS 3" S-Beam post employs a proprietary wave shaped slot, which works in tandem with strategically positioned cables to increase the system’s ability to restrain various types of vehicles. MASH testing on the CASS M10 has shown that this proprietary shape of the slots allows for lower deflections by minimizing the length of unsupported cables.


  • MASH TL-3 and TL-4 approved
  • S3 x 5.7 lb./LF I-Beam
  • Four cable, high tension system
  • Widened cable spread from 17" to 42"
  • Can use standard or pre-stretched cables
  • Patented slot design and two bottom hook bolts



Four Cable System 

The 3/4" high strength cables are spread at specific heights to restrain different types of vehicles. Cables are spaced at 17.4", 29.5", 38" and 42.4".

Cable Barrier End Treatments

The CASS system has multiple terminating options available; Cable Termial, Cable Anchor, Transition to W-Beam and more. Contact us for more transition options for your project.

Minimal Maintenance

CASS S3 can be used with multiple anchor options like driven sockets, driven posts or concrete sockets. The system can use 3/4" or 1" fittings and the pre-stretched and tensioned cables require little to no maintenance. Cables can be provided in custom or pre-assembled 1,000ft. lengths for a variety of project applications. CASS S3 M10 has minimal maintenance and can be repaired quickly when impacted within MASH Criteria.

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