The MSKT is an energy-absorbing tangent terminal that is MASH TL-3 compliant. MSKT has an overall length of 50’0” and has eight posts spaced at 6’3” on center. During head on impacts, the MSKT head slides over the W-Beam guardrail, sequentially kinking the rail. The rail then exits the head and the vehicle is brought to a controlled stop. 


  • MASH TL-3 Compliant
  • Same proven technology as the SKT-350
  • Rail heights of 30” – 32”
  • Can work with the same footprint as the SKT-350
  • Ease of Installation

MSKT vs SKT-350

The MSKT uses the same technology that has proven in-field performance as seen in the SKT-350. The new closed impact head design makes it easy for crews to idenify and conforms to MASH TL-3 standards. Designers can work with the same footprint as the SKT-350 for existing or new project that need to be MASH compliant. For a complete list of differences please download the MSKT vs SKT-350 document listed at the bototm of this page.


Ease of Maintenance

The MSKT’s Impact head can be used on existing in-place SKT-350 systems for maintenance repairs. Using the MASH SKT head for both maintenance and new MASH installations, only the MSKT impact head needs to be inventoried, saving time and money. 

MSKT is listed on the following state contracts:

  • Oregon Guardarail Contract #B32995
  • Washington Guardarail Contract #00118
  • Idaho Guardarail Contract #162400058

Safety in Mind

When impacted along the side within the length-of-need, the MASH SKT functions like guardrail, containing and redirecting the errant vehicle. Head on impacts allow the MSKT head to slide over the guardrail and through the main head, sequentially kinking it away from traffic. The guardrail then exits the head and the vehicle is slowed to a stop.

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