Scholarship Program


Years of Scholarships

The Douglas P. Daniels/Coral Sales Company Scholarship fund was established in 1987 to help support transportation engineering students at universities in the Pacific Northwest



In the last 36 years we have had the pleasure of recognizing over 900 recipients and counting.



We are proud to have worked with 12 different colleges and universities in the Northwest and Alaska to provide students with these scholarships.

About the Program

Coral Sales Scholars excel in both leadership and interpersonal communications. These distinguished achievers are destined to become the front runners in the transportation industry. 

Scholarships are awarded to qualifying students each Fall. Students selected are required to complete the application, student resume, and essay. We review each application and notify the School's Professor and students of our decision.

Scholarship Criteria

Coral Sales Company of Portland, Oregon is pleased to offer two scholarships for the current school year of $1,000.00 each to outstanding individuals, one male and one female, pursuing Civil Engineering studies or Construction Engineering studies in the School of Engineering.

Applicants Must Meet The Following Criteria


Criteria 1

The recipient must intend to pursue a career in Highway/Transportation Engineering or Highway Construction in the Pacific Northwest.

Criteria 2

Outstanding leadership qualities and participation in extracurricular activities, both civic as well as professional, will be given significant weight.

Criteria 3

The recipient must have lived in the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana or Alaska) for a period of at least six years.

Criteria 4

Students with senior or graduate standing will be considered.

Criteria 5

G.P.A. will not be considered in award of these scholarships. However, applicants must meet the minimum G.P.A. requirements for the School of Engineering.

Criteria 6

Prior Coral Sales Company/Douglas P. Daniels Scholarship Recipients are not eligible.


Selection Process

  1. Students will be selected by the School of Engineering. 
  2. Each Selection will complete the Selection Information form.
  3. The School of Engineering will complete the Criteria Checklist form. The Criteria Checklist form and Selection Information forms will be submitted to Coral Sales Company by the date on the form.
  4. Coral Sales Company will review the information to verify that Student Selections meet the criteria. 
  5. Coral Sales Company will advise the School of Engineering when the review is complete.
  6. Selections who are approved will become Coral Sales Company/Douglas P. Daniels Scholarship Recipients.
  7. Scholarships will be awarded at a Scholarship Award Presentation Event, hosted by Coral Sales Company.

Affiliated Schools

Past Recipients

Past scholarship recipients are sorted alphabetically by school name and then by the recipient's last name.

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We encourage you to contact us for more information about the Douglas P. Daniels/Coral Sales Company Scholarship fund.

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