Aquaphalt is a permanent eco-friendly patch material for asphalt and concrete manufactured in the USA. It is commonly used by DOTs, municipalities, government agencies, schools and maintenance contractors, and anyone else who has roadway and parking areas that need to be maintained. Aquaphalt is available in fine, medium and coarse aggregates.


  • Environmentally friendly, No VOCs
  • Sets-up with only water
  • Can be installed in below freezing temperatures
  • No need for large crews or special tools
  • 3 year warranty

Why should I use Aquaphalt when cold patch is half the price?

Cold patch could be free, but if it doesn’t work it is costing you more money. Aquaphalt can be installed in any weather condition any time of year and will give you a permanent patch. All you need is a hand tamper and a bucket of water.

How much water do I use?

We recommend 1 gallon of water per bucket of Aquaphalt, but you cannot add too much.

Can I install Aquaphalt on top of a failing sub-grade?

No, you need to remove failing asphalt and compact your sub-grade before installing Aquaphalt.

What do I do when its below freezing?

Simply add something to your water to keep it from freezing. Mix 


Three Aggregates to Choose From

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

Mix in Below Freezing Temps

Simply add something to your water to keep it from freezing. Mix in RV Anti-freeze or salt brine and pour that mixture on top of your Aquaphalt patch.

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