RRFB School Zone Systems

The JSF RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon) School Zone Beacons are the perfect solution to increase safety in and around your school. The system boasts a discrete design to enhance streetscapes and all the controls are up and out of the way to inhibit vandalism. Our RRFB School Zone Yellow Flashing Lights are designed to reduce the speed of traffic in school zones, help parents and children cross busy roadways and can be placed in almost any location. Each school can choose a cell-enabled or USB programmable Primary Beacon and any number of associated Secondary Beacons. The Secondary Beacons receive command signals from the primary unit allowing the RRFB lights to flash. During non-scheduled times the system can be activated like a traditional RRFB when push buttons are added to the crossing.

To see more about the JSF School Zone Flashing Light Scheduling, click here.

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  • Choose from 2" x 5" or 3" x 7" LED module configurations.
  • Single or dual sided light bars available with side mounted tell-tale LED verification.
  • The Programmed Primary beacon controls multiple Secondary beacons within 1/2 mile range.
  • Program yearly schedules online with easy to use JSF School Zone Scheduler.
  • Can be used as a traditional RRFB crossing when push buttons are added to the system.
  • FHWA and MUTCD compliant.

Available Configurations

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