Nitestar DMI

The Nitestar 50 & 60 are Distance Measuring Instruments (DMI) that accurately record distances and survey coordinates as you drive. Distances are used for logging points along a given route.  The Nitestar DMI’s are highly accurate.  They can be used in conjunction with a speed sensor device and are especially useful when used with an array of other data collecting and distance measuring tools. The Nitestar Distance Measuring Instrument is perfect for surveying and mapping data while also capable of understanding many distance distinctions.


  • Measurements are displayed in real-time
  • Displays distance intervals between points of interest
  • Extensive internal memory for data storage and export
  • Optional SDM software allows for easy organization for viewing and reporting collected data.
  • Inventory data and coordinates are stored in a single file
  • Customizable key definitions for user or application
  • Easy to install and use

Sensor Options

We understand that one sensor can't work for every application. That's why we offer four different solutions to fit your particular needs. Look and see what DMI sensor is right for you. Still not sure, contact us to find out more information on each sensor and get a comprehensive price quote.


Works with most vehicles that are equipped with

non-mechanical transmission sensors.

  • Uses GPS and OBDII auto-switching for extreme accuracy
  • 5HZ GPS, accurate to 0.2% of distance measurement

OBD-II Adapter

Connects to the vehicle OBDII port without the need

  • Can detect when the ignition is turned on or off
  • Can measure traveled distances to within +/- 1 ft.

SS10 Electronic Interface

Works with most vehicles that are equipped with

non-mechanical transmission sensors.

  • Amplifies pulses from the vehicle’s speed sensor
  • Supplies the most accurately computed traveled distances

Wheel Proximity Sensor

Installs on the vehicle’s wheels, brakes or over the vehicle driveline knuckle.
  • Supplies accurately computed traveled distances
  • Easy to install

 What Sensor Is Right For Me?

If you are new to using the Nitestar DMI and aren't sure what sensor to use, watch the comprehensive video form M.H. Corbin. 

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