School Zone Scheduling

JSF Technologies School Zone Scheduling system runs on a preset schedule that you choose. It's ideal for flashing lights that only need to be on at certain times of the day or during special events. Each school zone primary flashing light comes pre-wired and is ready to program. This means there is no trenching or digging and no need to hook-up to the electrical grid. Scheduling couldn't be easier with JSF's online scheduling software. Once the schedule is loaded to the Primary Beacon, the system fully autonomous and needs little maintenance.  


  • Cellular Connection: Schedules are created with JSF Tech's Scheduling Website; from there, the schedule can be sent wirelessly from the comfort of your computer desk to the installed beacons. Schedules can consist of regular weekly activations but also exceptions for days off or additional special events.
  • Direct Connection: A direct connection method of scheduling can be used as an alternative to a cellular connection if service is not available in your area. It retains all the functionality of the scheduling website, but schedules are uploaded manually via USB instead of remotely.

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