The SKT 350 (Sequential Kinking Terminal) is an energy absorbing tangent terminal available in 25 or 50ft long options and meets NCHRP 350 TL-2 and TL-3 requirements. During a design impact the rail is sequentially kinked as it moves through the head and curls away from the road way. Side impacts result in safe redirection of the errant vehicle when impacted within the length-of-need. A hinged steel post system is available for the SKT.


  • Can be used with breakaway wood or steel posts.
  • Uses many common standard W-beam barrier components.
  • Easier to maintain and repair than competitive systems.
  • Total length of 50' 0" for Test Level 3 design speeds.

Maintenance Crews! All new and repairable SKT-350 impact heads now use the new MSKT head. Learn More >> 


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