Viper HD PTZ Camera

WTI's Viper HD video camera (previously called the Sidewinder) allows your viewers to see high resolution broadcast video with a notably sharper, crisper and clearer picture, regardless of what type of television (HD or standard) they watch. Get the richest viewing experience possible with H.264 High Definition video. Perfect for traffic flow monitoring, emergency response, and traffic control. The High Definition 16:9 aspect ratio enables agencies to view all four traffic approaches from one camera location. The Viper system uses a built in H.264 encoder for sending high quality, high frame rate, video over the wireless network to a central software control system using industry standard ONVIF drivers.


  • High definition 1080i/720p.
  • 16:9 widescreen format.
  • Hydrophilic "self-cleaning" glass window.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Defog modes.
  • IP67 rating for the entire camera and enclosure.
  • Optional H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG video encoding.
  • Hybrid H.264/ Analog available.


Additional Features

  • Continuous 360° pan and tilt rotation.
  • 20 or 30X optical zoom lens.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization mode.
  • ENG Option: Locks pan/tilt motion during vehicle travel.
  • 0.05° preset repeatability accuracy.
  • Optional camera enclosure pressurization.

Watch the Viper's Day / Night Test


Hydrophilic Self-Cleaning Lens

The Viper’s Hydrophilic glass is the latest in glass technology.  This low maintenance, self-cleaning glass is created using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology.  Sending a high voltage acceleration of Titanium Dioxide molecules (TiO2) directly onto the glass, the PVD process allows a thin layer of TiO2 particles to penetrate the surface and fuse to the glass. The hard oxide coating created by the PVD process is extremely resistant to degradation by water, organic solvents, oxidation, sea water, strong acid, UV and wear. The Hydrophilic coating helps to flatten the water over the surface of the lens, creating a sheeting action that breaks down dirt, organic material, and pushes it to the side. The water’s low angle to the surface of the lens also helps it to evaporate faster minimizing spots.

Cleaning the lens is easy. Point the Viper lens up to the sky when it rains and let the Hydrophilic lens do the rest. Combined with the camera's electrically conductive glass you will have a clean and clear view in minutes.

Electrically Conductive Glass

The inside of the Viper's lens goes through a similar PVD process as the front. This time the glass is coated with Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). The Indium Tin Oxide allows electricity to be conducted through the glass to prevent it from fogging and freezing. Most cameras have a heater that is on 24/7 to prevent fogging and freezing regardless of the temperature outside. The sensor in the faceplate of the Viper lens monitors the outside temperature and automatically adjusts the current through the glass. When temperatures rise, the lens will conduct very little or no electricity at all, saving energy.

Even at -30°F the WTI Viper has over 50% visibility!

Continuous 360° Pan & Tilt Rotation

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