QUEST™ System

The QUEST is a simple re-directive, non-gating crash cushion that meets NCHRP 350, Test Level 2 and 3. Due to its light weight, short length and minimal number of anchors, the QUEST System is designed for field repair or rapid replacement of the entire unit. The Quest System consists of a series of W-beam fender panels supported by diaphragms with an innovative integrated trigger mechanism at the nose that releases a “front assembly” during impacts to absorb the energy of impact.


  • NCHRP 350, Test Level 2 and Test Level 3 compliant.
  • Innovative trigger mechanism at the nose of the front assembly.
  • Designed for fast and easy installation.
  • Concrete, asphalt or soil anchoring options available.
  • Provides protection for hazard widths ranging from 24”- 36”.

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