Severe-Use Raised Separator System

Dura-Curb is the easy to install raised separator system that provides superior channelization for vehicles. Motorists are deterred from crossing over lane lines due to its raised profile. Dura-Curb with its superior visibility, low maintenance and quick release base system make it ideal for a variety of applications.


  • Severe Use Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Superior Channelization
  • Superior Visibility
  • Quick Release Base System
  • Modular Design

Dura-Curb Raised Separator System – designed to withstand repeated impacts and remain intact. Unlike brittle plastic curb systems that shatter when impacted, the Dura-Curb is constructed of HMW/HDPE plastic, a highly durable, resilient material that absorbs impact energy. The Dura-Curb is designed for SEVERE USE applications to reduce labor and maintenance costs. It is NCHRP 350 approved. Both the Dura-Curb sections and the flexible delineators are designed to withstand repeated impacts.

The rounded Dura-Curb modules are constructed of HMW/HDPE plastic.

This extremely durable material provides superior UV resistance and is unaffected by road salts and oils common to the roadway environment. The system’s integrated color vision strips are molded into the modules – no paint to smudge off!

A wide range of Dura-Curb delineators can be added in seconds using the Quick Release Base System that is built into the modules. Dura-Curb delineators exceed NCHRP 350 standards and are designed to return to their original position after design impacts.

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