The Lufft Mobile Advanced Road Weather Information Sensor (MARWIS) is the most affordable weather sensor on the market. The MARWIS sensor is easily mounted to almost any vehicle and connects wirelessly to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth. MARWIS collects weather data such as relative humidity above the road surface, dew point temperature, ice percentage, road friction and more! The measured data continually displays real time road information in the vehicle and can also be sent to your local Traffic Management Center (TMC). 


  • Wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • Real time data to your smart device or TMC.
  • Measure road surface condition, roadway grip friction and more.
  • The most cost effective mobile weather sensor on the market.
  • Mounts easily to almost any vehicle. 


Easy Data Communication

MARWIS offers various solutions for easy data handling. The analysis of data measured occurs either in the ViewMondo Software, or by means of the alternative solutions. The open interface protocol ensures effortless integration into existing measuring networks.

Via Bluetooth, MARWIS sends collected data directly to an iOS- or Android-based tablet or smartphone in vehicle car for real time evaluation. Using a data cloud, the measurement values can directly be delivered to the ViewMondo visualization software in the operations center. Consequently, authorized persons, such as operations managers, are able to digitally accompany and protocol patrol tours. Thus, routes can always be changed or cleared efficiently.

Evaluate Data in Seconds

MARWIS collects weather data as temperature, relative humidity, dew point and road conditions (dry, moist, wet, ice/snow, chemical wet). Moreover, it determines ice percentages and calculates the weather-related surface friction. It transfers the data measured continuously and in real time via Bluetooth to a tablet, smartphone or an alternative output device in the driver cab. By means of a data cloud, the MARWIS App is able to forward its measurement values to an operations center, where operations managers can track patrol tours – with the ViewMondo management software, for instance.


The MARWIS App is available for free and supports both iOS and Android platforms. Connect your MARWIS via Bluetooth™ to the Lufft MARWIS App you get the following functions:

  • Visualization of the readings
  • Configuration of the sensor
  • Automatic upload of the measurements to the ViewMondo-Server
  • Automatic MARWIS software update

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