Unlock the Power of Existing Infrastructure

GridMatrix is a cloud-based software platform that is compatible with any existing roadway sensor, turning it into a 24/7/365 stream of data on congestion, signal performance, emissions, and safety data. GridMatrix’s software is built for traffic engineers and designed to help them solve some of their most common and challenging problems.

World Class AI Built for City-Wide Scale

GridMatrix’s platform connects to any existing roadway sensor, including cameras, radar, loops, and LiDAR, processes that data in real time, and returns critical insights on congestion, signal performance, and safety. 


Catch the Events That Matter, As They Happen

GridMatrix’s software platform identifies near misses and other safety events in real time and makes them easily available for review and analysis.  Protect pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users. Achieve your Vision Zero goals, support your Safe Streets For All plan, and make your community safer for everyone.

Green With GridMatrix: Cut Emissions, Identify Root Causes, and Quantify Impact

GridMatrix’s software platform identifies the root causes of emissions and accurately quantifies CO2 and gas consumption, helping reach net zero faster.

Artificial Intelligence in Action: Digital infrastructure that instantly upgrades existing sensors

Turn existing cameras and other sensors into next-generation tools for roadway data and safety management.  AI that works in the background to augment your organization’s operations.

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