Lumiwalk Crosswalk Lighting

Lumiwalk adds even more safety and security to JSF's activated beacon crosswalks. By aiming the specifically configured LEDs into the main crossing, the system increases the safety of pedestrians crossing the roadway in low light or nighttime conditions. LEDs can be activated when a pedestrian pushes the button to cross, illuminating the entire crosswalk for the duration of the flash time.


  • Self Contained Solar system
  • Easy Installation
  • Enhanced Public Safety
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Proven Reliability


Let us help you light the way

JSF Technologies has partnered with Urban Solar to bring Illumination solutions to thier robust product line of innovative traffic solutions. The Crosswalk compatible Illumination components allows Coral Sales Co to offer a comprehensive lighting solution for Crosswalks.

Lighting Maps For Your Crossing

Lighting conditions vary from area to area. We will assist you in determining the best LED distribution values and color temperature for your specific crossing. We work with JSF to help you map out and visualize the best lighting solution for your crosswalk.

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