JamLogic Fleet Management Software

JamLogic lets you remotely monitor, maintain and message your traffic control equipment from any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smarphone.


JamLogic Features at a Glance

Interactive map & device sharing

  • What is great about JamLogic is that you have a quick visual overview of all of your devices and their status. On a single screen, you can see all the messages currently displaying, battery voltages, GPS coordinates, etc. Click on one of your devices and you will get the exact GPS location of this particular equipment. 
  • JamLogic allows you to share devices with other organizations. For example, let’s say that you are a traffic control company that rented a sign to a customer, you want them to have complete access to the sign they rented, but you still have total control of it.

Display a message to multiple signs & change font sizes

  • What is awesome about JamLogic is that you can display a message to one sign only or to all your signs simultaneously with a simple click! All you have to do is select all your sign from the list and display the selected message! This feature will save you a lot of time!
  • JamLogic allows you to play with different font sizes to create a more dynamic message.


Customer Folders & Intuative Icon System

  • As an organization, you can create custom folders and even sub folders. This is particularly useful for medium or large organizations. The folders are a tool to quickly know exactly where your equipment is located.
  • Our customers love our color coded icons because they can see instantaneously if something is wrong from the list of devices. If it’s green, everything’s fine. If it’s yellow or red, something is wrong.


Message scheduling & create your own graphic

  • When you have a mid or long-term project, message scheduling can be very useful. You can schedule messages daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly!
  • JamLogic allows you to create your own graphics or logo. This feature is particularly helpful for special events where dynamic graphics are required.

Update your JamLogic screen automatically

  • Battery voltage level
  • Messages being displayed
  • GPS location

Automated email alerts & updates

  • Low battery voltage
  • Cellular failure warning
  • Tracking of any change to the GPS coordinates of your equipment

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