RoadQuake 2F

The RoadQuake® 2F TPRS (Temporary Portable Rumble Strips) are ideal for work zones where daily installation and removal of the work zone is frequently required. Set up and teardown is easy, saving you time and money. A Crew of two can setup an array in just minutes. 


  • Meets Section 6F.87 of the MUTCD
  • Generates similar levels of sound and vibration as milled strips
  • Folds to a compact 66" length
  • Ergonomic handles make installation and storage easy
  • Bevels on both sides to enhance motorcycle safety

Holds fast! Even at highway speeds! 

Roadquake is rated for posted speeds limits up to 80 mph. See RoadQuake 2F in action


Improved Breakaway Pin Connection

The new RoadQuake 2F replaces the older "tab" style connector with metal chain link hinges. These new hinges come with Breakaway Pin Connections. The metal chain link hinges allowed RoadQuake TPRS to fold. To better protect the strip itself, the Breakaway Pin Connection was developed. The pin connection consists of the existing RoadQuake 2F bracket, custom steel retaining clip, and impact-modified nylon pins. The Breakaway Pin Connection is designed to separate only under significant stress. The connections should not tear the strip itself, like metal chain link hinges may have done in extreme situations.

Get the CRIB Cargo Carrier for faster deployment

The CRIB holds up to six RoadQuake 2F strips for faster and safer deployment in your work zone. The CRIB is constructed of tubular steel and can connects to a Class IV or V receiver. The side mounted stainless steel rollers make it easy to deploy from both side by one worker.

RoadQuake Retrieval System

Add the innovative RoadQuake 2F Retrieval System and limit workers exposure to live traffic. Workers can now quickly and easily retrieve strip arrays with the touch of a button! The Retrieval System mounts to the CRIB cargo carrier on either side depending on your work zone application. The self-contained charger connects to you your vehicles 12v system.

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