2001SL (Slimline)

Our new Yodock 2001SL is Oregon DOT approved as a Bicycle Channelizing Device (BCD). The 2001SL (Slimline) barricade is a lightweight, low-profile channelizing device used for delineation of a work zone or gore area.The lower profile Slimline is ideal for multiple applications where vehicular delineation or pedestrian walkways are needed. The Slimline can be used empty or ballasted with water and the unique interlocking system allows for over 20° of articulation at each joint. Warning flags, lights, signs and more can be securely mounted to each unit. The Yodock 2001SL is has an FHWA acceptance as a Logitudinal Channelizing Device.

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  • FHWA acceptance as a Logitudinal Channelizing Device (LCD): WZ-220
  • Lightweight system eliminates the need for large equipment.
  • Made of heavy duty recyclable polyethylene.
  • Stackable for efficient transportation and storage.
  • Flanges for anchoring to the roadway.
  • Forklift access holes for easy moving.


Comprised of Recyclable, Portable Energy Disbursement Cells

The 2001SL Barricade is comprised of recyclable, portable energy disbursement cells, molded to ensure water tightness and integrity. The 2001 Slimline is manufactured with internally molded baffles in order to maintain its shape, be properly sealed, and leak resistant. The provided drain plugs, one located on each side and underside grooves to allow for flow of surface drainage. The Yodock SL can also be filled with foam material. The unit is joined by a unique coupling system that provides a positive interlock while allowing for approximately 22 degrees of articulation between the units. The unit has ports designed to allow for ground mounting and forklift holes for ease of mobility when filled.

Many Applications

  • Construction and temporary work zones
  • Longitudinal channelizer
  • Airport construction and maintenance
  • Parking facilities
  • Municipal and public utilities
  • Security checkpoints
  • Event and crowd control

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