Armadillo Tracker

The Armadillo Tracker is the world's smallest, fully integrated radar traffic counter. It can collect multi-lane, bidirectional traffic data statistics with its 97% traffic count accuracy and best-in-class 0.4% speed error accuracy. With its ultra-low battery consumption, the Tracker can run up to two weeks with its built in batteries. It can be used to collect traffic data for:

  • Traffic Studies before and after road construction projects
  • Traffic flows within a Shopping Mall, Event Space, Parking Structure and more
  • Track areas where vehicles are speeding to increase police presence
  • Annual Average Daily Traffic counts for City, County and DOT traffic studies

Start Collecting Vehicle Traffic Data in Minutes

With its small and compact size, and easy setup, the Armadillo Tracker is a non-intrusive traffic counter that also provides a safe installation since it does not require anything to be placed in the road, unlike traditional traffic tube counters. Watch the video below to see just how quickly the Armadillo Tracker can be collecting your Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). 

Additional Features

  • Radar-based traffic statistics collection device with target tracking
  • Collects individual time stamped vehicle counts, speeds, and class (up to 3) per direction in up to 2+2 lanes
  • Computes real-time, per direction average speed for incident detection applications
  • 0.4% speed accuracy and up to 97% vehicle count accuracy
  • On-board memory stores 300,000+ individual vehicles
  • Add-on options for a 5W solar panel and GPS for geo-tagging multiple locations

Protect Your Investment

Houston Radar's rugged equipment case is the perfect addition to your new Armadillo Tracker.  This rugged and lightweight case fits your Armadillo and all its accessories with custom cut foam inserts. Keep everything organized and in its place to maximize your time in the field, all while protect your equipment. Call us today for pricing.

The Armadillo Rugged Equipment Case is...

  • Watertight, crushproof and dustproof
  • Easy-open double throw latches
  • Rugged & lightweight design
  • No-leak O-ring seal
  • Impact resistant
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve

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