Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

The JSF Technologies RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon) is the perfect solution to increase safety at mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalks. The unique top of pole mounted solar engine boasts a discrete design to enhance streetscapes and inhibit vandalism. JSF RRFB systems come pre-assembled and only require just a few connection to get up and running. The easy to use three dial controller save time and money on project installations. All JSF beacons conform to the FHWA and MUTCD requirements.


  • Single or dual sided light bars with side pedestrian verification
  • Solar, A/C or hybrid power options 
  • Wireless radio communication between beacons up to 1/2 mile
  • Easy programming
  • Self-contained solar engine
  • 5 year product warranty


Complete Crosswalk Solutions

Coral Sales can provide you with a comprehensive crosswalk solution to suit your site or project requirements. We offer complete crossings that include the RRFBs, push buttons, signs, poles and bases! Contact us to build your next crossing.

Advanced LED Light Bar

The JSF AB-9400 Series RRFB light bar is designed with a slim profile for a modern, clean look and minimizes the installation footprint. Two front facing 3" x 7" LED clusters provide improved beam spread and safety. The side mounted pedestrian LED is mounted vertically for improved visibility.  

All-in-one Solar Engine

JSF pioneered the all-in-one solar engine and have perfected the design over the years. All system controls, wiring, and batteries are all housed neatly inside the top pole mounted solar engine. A 20w or 40w solar panel is integrated into to the lid, and the entire housing can be rotated to maximize solar exposure.

Customization is Easy

JSF's modular design allows for easy customization. Our team can create solutions for your unique application using almost any combination of beacons.

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