SurfaceScan SSBI-1

The SurfaceScan SSBI-1 is an easy to use and affordable vehicle mounted mobile weather sensor. SurfaceScan sensors monitor road surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint, as well as displays live readings using a dash mounted graphical display. The SurfaceScan can be used to detect freezing temperatures on the pavement to determine where frost or black ice may form if precipitation occurs. The SSBI-1 will also work with all the most popular spreader control systems.


  • Measure Road Temp, Air Temp & Relative Humidity
  • No manual calibration required!
  • Updates every second for accurate readings
  • Full color graphical display with magnetic mount
  • OTA software updates for at no charge


No Calibration Required!

Unlike other road temperature system on the market, the SurfaceScan SSBI-1 is self-calibrating! After properly mounting to the vehicle the SurfaceScan interface automatically calibrates the sensor. The surface temperature is collected through non-contact IR Temperature sensor. This sensor is enclosed in a weatherproof IP63 class stainless steel housing, which is mounted in a Markroblend® EL703 Polycarbonate plastic housing.

Air Temperature / Relative Humidity Probe

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity is collected by a single sensor housed in a weatherproof plastic housing that utilizes a sintered metal air filter to protect the sensors. The road surface temperature probe is usually mounted to the front or rear bumper over the tire path. If available, it can also be mounted to the driver’s side external rear view mirror railing. 

Real Time Data

The SurfaceScan's easy to read graphic display comes ready to use out of the box. Every display is preloaded with the SurfaceScan application software and has already been paired via Bluetooth with the SSBI-1 interface module. No special configuration or calibration is required. Once the display has been powered up, the SurfaceScan app can be launched and data readings will begin. See data in real time as you travel down the roadway.

Note: The SurfaceScan app works on Android devices running 8.0 Oreo (SDK version 26) and can be download seperately if needed.

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