VCalm L Series Radar Speed Sign

The VCalm® L Series radar speed sign is Fortel Traffic's lightest and most compact radar sign ever! This versatile radar feedback sign comes with easy two button programming, Lithium Iron battery technology, and a quick disconnect bracket system that makes it easy to move to different locations around your City or County. The VCalm® L comes in five different sizes and can be customized with GPS, Solar, Bluetooth and more!


  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries
  • Easy two button programming
  • Quick disconnect mounting bracket
  • Optional Data Collection, GPS & more
  • Available in 12", 15", 16", 18" and 24" displays



The VCalm® L Series has been designed to maximize space without losing functionality. The L12 radar sign weighs only 25lbs. and can carry up to two 20Ah Lithium Iron Batteries all inside the vented NEMA-3R enclosure.


All Fortel L Series signs can be order with one or two 20Ah Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery packs. Autonomy with two batteries can last up to 2 weeks on a full charge depending on roadway activations. Batteries can also be configuredwith quick release connectors to easily swap them out with fully charged batteries.

Low Power LED Technology

The VCalm® uses proprietary PWMS™ LED technology that consumes 50% less power than most LED devices. This provides exceptional autonomy for a battery powered speed calming sign.

Simple Two Button Programming

The New L Series comes with an easy to use two button programmer. Buttons are located directly on the internal circuit board.

  • Button SW1 sets the speed limit of the roadway
  • Button SW2 sets the threshold speed to warn approaching vehicles

While pressing either programming button the front LED display flashes the speed in increments of 5mph until you reach the desired speed.

K-Band Radar

Every Fortel vehicle speed sign comes with a 24.159 GHz FCC Compliant Radar. Radars are 2watt low power with a +/- 1 mph accuracy.

Quick Disconnect Bracket System

The VCalm® L signs include Fortel's quick disconnect bracket system. Specifically designed for telespar posts, this system allows Cities and Counties to efficiently move signs where they are needed to minimize driver complacency and advanced data collection for traffic studies.

Optional SD Card Data Collection

The included Fortel Traffic VSpeed™ Online programming management software gives you the ability to program multiple Fortel signs, simulate functionality, analyze data, and deploy configuration changes through remote access or SD cards. SD Card programming provides practically limitless data storage space (40 years of data per gigabyte) and makes programming and data retrieval simple and affordable. (SDHC compatible).

Optional Easy & Accurate Reporting

Accurate raw data collected by VCalm® S Radar Speed Signs can be used to construct limitless report formats and parameters for thorough data analysis. Traffic Data Acquisition System (TDAS) collects the fastest and slowest speed for each vehicle. Signs collect Peak, High, Low and Exit speeds, each with their own date, time and seconds.  With this information, users can determine whether vehicles are speeding up, slowing down or remaining the same as the pass through the detection zone.  If the detection zone is mapped, the zone location of the vehicle can also be determined.

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