NextGen Transit Signal Priority (TSP)

When the rush is on and you need to deliver passengers to their destination on-time, LYT.transit next generation TSP has you covered. We built LYT.transit to moves transit vehicles through congested intersections faster, safer, and more intelligently than ever before.

Harnessing the power of a single edge device installed in your Traffic Management Center (TMC), transit vehicles can now speak to networked traffic signals in your city through the LYT cloud platform. That means a consistent and reliable green light for every transit vehicle, more affordably than other TSP products available.

Say goodbye to infrared and strobe lights

 Forget about paying thousands of dollars for clunky dash-mounted strobe lights and traffic pole equipment. LYT.transit quickly enables transit priority by utilizing your existing CAD/AVL system and networked traffic  signals. Providing your city a cost effective, robust, and maintenance-free signal priority solution.

 Not all signal priority systems are created equal

LYT.transit uses a higher resolution of data than other TSP providers to make decisions on signal priority. We combine routing information, traffic conditions, vehicle location, schedule adherence, and other criteria to keep transit vehicles moving on-time.

Smart now, even smarter later 

LYT.transit is continually learning and getting smarter all the time, future proofing your intersections with every included feature release and software update.

 Launch TSP in weeks, not months

LYT.transit is so simple, it can be installed and activated from your TMC in just a few weeks. No additional field hardware, site visits, or surveys needed. 

LYT.transit also works with many popular signal controllers, so you can keep your existing hardware in place while using LYT.transit.


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