Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

The demands of the traffic industry today are noticeably different from the past. Today traffic signal equipment utilizes all the latest technologies including video detection, Bluetooth readers, radar and Ethernet/cellular communications, in addition to the most advanced controllers available. It is imperative to protect and keep this equipment running smoothly. There are many different traffic cabinet configurations, with specific power requirements. Fortunately, Clary manufactures various UPS products to satisfy all your power protection needs.

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Clary UPS comes in many form factors depending on your needs.

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Clary all-digital UPS systems are engineered to perform in critical environments where others fail, and are known worldwide for their extreme temperature capability and rugged design. Built to supply reliable continuous digital power during brownouts, dirty unstable electrical power and loss of input power, Clary UPS will run continuously from batteries or auxiliary generator systems as long as a power energy source is available.


Clary is the expert at engineering UPS systems for the most demanding environments, and own all the technology we put into our UPS systems. Nothing comes from external sources. That’s why Clary can engineer an innovative and custom solution that will meet your specific application requirements.


Clary specializes exclusively in true On-Line Double Conversion technology, which provides ultimate protection from all power anomalies. Clary systems deliver a digitally controlled, precision regenerated output sine wave, unlike common standby or line interactive designs. This insures that mission-critical applications will keep running reliably.


Clary remains focused on one thing – building the best solutions to keep the most sensitive equipment running reliably. That extends to developing technology that improves efficiency and productivity such as software and hardware that enables users to monitor and control every UPS system - even in remote areas from a centralized location.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Clary UPS systems have been certified to comply with NEMA standards for temperature, shock and vibration and are approved for use by some of the most respected state transportation agencies, including Caltrans, TxDOT, and FDOT. Clary is committed to meeting the highest quality standards and has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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