The Slotted Rail Terminal (SRT 350™) is a gating, flared end terminal and is available in a 6-post or 8-post system. The SRT/HBA 6-Post System has 2 steel breakaway posts and 4 wood CRT Posts and is installed in a straight-line flare. The SRT 8-Post System has 8 wood breakaway posts. The SRT 350 meets the NCHRP 350, TL-3 criteria and is available in 37’ 6” lengths.

  • 3’0”- 4’0” (915 mm-1220 mm) offset results in reduced installation costs.
  • Two steel breakaway posts are typically reusable after an impact within NCHRP Report 350 criteria.
  • Improved angle struts allow for easier installation.
  • Fewer posts and a straight layout provide cost savings in construction, making replacement easier.

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