AGD 645 Stereo Optical Pedestrian Detector

The AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector is a smart, optical, dynamic environment detector that makes crossings safer and more efficient by delivering robust Volumetrics Data within large 32ft. x 10ft. zones. Multiple units integrate together to cover ‘super-crossings’. The 645 is a high-performance sensor that processes information on board with its new chip-set and sophisticated algorithms for automated decision-making to provide ultra-reliable detection.


  • Large 32ft. x 10ft. zone - saves on infrastructure costs
  • AGD 3D HD stereo-vision - down to min 15 lux
  • Volumetrics – dynamic data for high efficiency
  • WiFi AGD Touch-setup - speeds installation & reduces risk
  • Quick-mask tool - easy zone selection
  • IP & Real-time video - instant information for improved safety

Typical Applications

See how the AGD 645 Optical Pedestrian Detector works at crosswalks to allow for dynamic extension of crossing times. 

Installation and Alignment

The AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector has excellent performance when mounted between heights of 10ft.- 19ft. Adjust the tilt angle so that the arrow marking on the housing and mounting foot line up. For 32ft. zone coverage, the unit must be tilted further back).

AGD Touch-setup App

The AGD Touch-Setup is a simple three stage process that allows installers to configure the device quickly and efficiently.

Step 1 - Name the Site

Name the site

Step 2 - Set the Zone 

Set the Zone

Step 3 - Calibration


Following successful calibration, you will view your selected zone actively 'detecting’ on the Home Page. The image you see on the screen will be the detect area with any area excluded areas grayed out. This image will update periodically. To monitor the zone and check the detector triggers, the front LED will turn on and off when someone enters and leaves the zone.

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