AGD 326 Pedestrian On-Crossing Detector

The AGD 326 Pedestrian On-Crossing Detector has been designed for the detection and monitoring of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road at signaled installations and other applications where the detection and safety of moving pedestrians is required. The 326 Pedestrian Radar is a smart, dynamic environment detector that makes crossings safer and more efficient by delivering robust detection day and night on wide crossings.


  • Monitors moving pedestrians and cyclists to enhance crossing performance
  • 24GHz radar technology
  • Dynamically adjustable range for new site designs
  • Easy WiFi AGD Touch-setup for quick installation
  • Co-location of up to four detectors

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Designed to Sense Moving Pedestrians and Cyclists

The AGD 326 can be configured for multi-lane roadways. It is designed to sense moving pedestrians and cyclists while they are traveling inside the crossing in order to appropriately extended the phase time.

Installation and Alignment

The AGD326 radar has been designed to operate at a mounting height of between 7ft.-14ft. with an unobstructed view of the detection zone. The 326 radar should be mounted to point at the center of the furthest point of the detection zone. On a level roadway crossing, this will typically result in a declination angle of approximately 9 degrees. You can confirm that the radar is correctly aligned by ensuring that targets are reliably detected within the specified detection zone by using the AGD Touch-setup App.

Quick to Setup Using App

The 326 is quick to setup using any WiFi enable smart device like a smart phone, tablet or laptop. The secure AGD Touch-setup app allows installers to configure the device in three simple steps:

  • Name device
  • Select range
  • Select channel frequency

Multiple AGD detectors may be setup at the same time from a safe position on the ground, or in a vehicle up to 100ft. away. Conveniently, the 326 can be adjusted for changes just as quickly in the same way.

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